Using ColoradoBiz Magazine in Your Job Search

One of the best tools for your job search is ColoradoBiz Magazine. There are several tools that exist on ColoradoBiz online and in print that you can utilize to help you find companies, know how to conduct your job search, and move ahead in your career. Here are a few of the great tools at ColoradoBiz Magazine.

1). Free print subscription. ColoradoBiz offers a free print subscription for the asking. The print version has a variety of articles about business in Colorado, and contains some stories that aren’t found on-line. Subscribe free here.

2). Free lists. While some competing publications charge absurd amounts for their books of lists and so on, these are free for you at ColoradoBiz. And the lists and directories are much better than those of various competing publications. The lists are available on the bounce-bar menu at the top of the front page, and at the resources section at the very bottom of the front/home page. Simply go here, and look at the top and the bottom of the page for ColoradoBiz Magazine’s great lists.

Use these lists to find out what companies are growing and dynamic. You can also use some of the lists to find out hiring authorities and contact info. Here is the great part about ColoradoBiz Magazine’s lists. They have “hot links” to the company site, saving you hours and hours of Googling and trying to track down the company website.

3). Great articles about businesses in Colorado. In addition to the lists, there are great articles letting you know what is going on with various businesses in Colorado, written by some of the top business reporters around. ColoradoBiz digs deeply for information that you can use in targeting various companies.

4). A great archive. A search on ColoradoBiz will take you back to their archives. This is a very well-indexed archive and will give you a great number of results with each search. A hint on this, though. Use few words as opposed to many in the search criteria.

5). Experts in many areas. ColoradoBiz treats its columnists very well, unlike some other Denver business publications. As a result, they have the top experts in Colorado writing for them (including yours truly). I am published weekly in ColoradoBiz Magazine. Reading my articles alone there will give you a leg up on your job search.

But don’t stop reading once you get a job. There is lots of great advice and information in the “Web Exclusives” section. This ranges from great advice on selling, to legal articles, to what the best entertainment is in Colorado.

6). Various events. ColoradoBiz sponsors a variety of events. Some of these are paid and others are free. Often, the experts you read in the “Web Exclusives” section are present and able to answer questions you may have.

7). A great events calendar. In addition to ColoradoBiz sponsored events, they have a great general events calendar. This can help you with your job search and career growth. Again, this is found at both the top and bottom of the front/home page.

Other Resources

In addition to the resources at ColoradoBiz Magazine, Heckers Development Group offers a variety of free resources, including free on-line interview training, a free résumé guide, and a list of networking places. Go here to access many of our resources. Take some time to browse through the “Resources” tab to find networking groups, article links, and many other items which are free to the job-seeker.

If you want more information on ColoradoBiz Magazine for your job search, please feel free, as always, to give me a call at 720.581.4301. Thanks!

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