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Interview to Get That Job! State of the art Interviewing Techniques with 1001+ Killer Questions, Answered by America’s Employment Experts, John and Nicole Heckers.

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After a 5 year research project, compiling questions from every source including actual interviews of clients, John and Nicole Heckers have put together the most comprehensive interviewing guide on the market.

In addition to covering interview theory, the Heckers include interview questions with answers. There is also a special section on questions that you can and cannot ask the employer.

Interview to Get That Job is the culmination of a five year project by John and Nicole Heckers, America’s Employment Experts. John and Nicole, with their usual blunt, down to earth style, tell you what employers expect, how to survive the “killer questions,” and how to interview successfully. The book includes over 1000 interview questions gleaned from interviewing books, Fortune 500 executives, mom and pop hiring authorities, H.R. professionals, and many other sources. The answers given have been “vetted” by our group of top executives to help you get past the tough questions and ace the most difficult of interviews. In today’s competitive employment market, you cannot afford to be unprepared for that all-important interview. Buy Interview to Get That Job today and begin your preparation for interviewing like a pro!

In the book you’ll learn:

1). How to dress for the interview to impress.
2). How to answer written interviews.
3). How to get past the screening interview.
4). Why you need to explain yourself to a ten year old.
5). How to close.
6). What questions you may and may not ask the interviewer.
7). How to follow up.
8). How to handle second interviews and beyond.
9). What never to do in an interview.
10). Why you’re probably NOT a good interviewer, and how to become, not only good, but great!

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