A partial list of companies where the executives John and Nicole Heckers have helped have worked or come from.

  • Agilent Technologies - Ajilon - American Management Systems, Inc - AMG Guarantee Trust - Amoco Oil - Andersen Consulting, LLP - Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Apex, Inc. - Arabian Horse Association - Arabian Horse Registry of America - Aspen Marketing Group, Inc. - AT&T - Avaya - B.F. Goodrich - BI, Inc. - Boeing - Cadbury Schweppes - Cardinal Health - Century Broadcasting Corporation - Chase Manhattan - Children's Hospital, Omaha - Children's Hospital, Boston - Children's Hospital, Denver - Citibank of New York - City and County of Denver, Colorado - City of Aurora, Colorado - City of Englewood - City of Greenwood Village - City of Lakewood - City University of New York - CollegeAmerica - Colorado Enterprise Fund - Colorado State University School of Business - Compucom Corporation - Concentra Health Systems - CONCERN EAP - Conoco-Phillips Petroleum - Convergent Communications - Coopers & Lybrand - Coors Brewing and Container - Corporate Express - Denver Technical College - Denver's WB 2 - Devry University - Dillon Companies - Douglas County (Colorado) Schools - Eastman Kodak - EDS - EssentiaLink - Exabyte Corporation - Excel Energy - Faegre-Benson Attorneys at Law - Federal Express - FEMA - FEMA - First Colony Life Insurance - First Data Resources - Focus on the Family - Frontier Airlines - Gart Sports - Gary-Williams Energy - Gates Rubber Company - Gateway Computers - General Dynamics - General Electric - GlaxcoSmithKline - Green River Corporation - Gulfstream Aerospace - Hauck Corporation - Healthgrades, Inc. - Hewlett Packard - Holland and Hart - Hydron Technologies, Inc. - IBM - Information Handling Services (IHS) - International Paper - Intrawest Surgical - Ionics Fusion Corporation - Isaly Klondike Company - J.C. Penny - J.D. Edwards - Jackson National Life - Jefferson Country Sherrif's Department - Jeppeson Sanderson - Johnson Controls - Jones International, LTD - Jones Knowledge, Inc. - Kaiser-Hill - Knoxell Corporation - Koala Corporation (Koala Bear Care) - Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics - Level 3 Communications - Lockheed-Martin - Lowes Corporation - Lucasfilms - Lucent Technologies - Maxtor - MCI Worldcomm - MediaOne Group - Medtronics - Merck-Medco - Metron, Inc. - Microsoft - Microtool - Morton Thiokol, Inc. - NASA - NCAR - Netquote - New Global Telecom - New Horizons Computer Learning Centers - Nextel Communications - Omnitech Robotics, Inc. - Optika Imaging - Oracle - Parks College - PCS Health Systems - Peoplesoft - PEPSICO - Pueblo (Colorado) School District - Quark, Inc. - Qwest - Raytheon - Rent-A-Center - Ryder Truck Corporation - Samsonite - SBC Communications - Seagate - Spectra Logic Corporation - Sprint - Starz! Encore Media - State of Colorado - Statera - Storage Technology - Stryker Corporation - Sun Microsystems - Sunrise Medical - TCI Communications, Inc. - Teikyo-Loretto Heights University - Texaco Oil - The Boy Scouts of America - The Denver Newspaper Agency - The Prudential - The United Nations - The United Presbyterian Church - Thomson Micromedex - Transportation Technology Center, Inc. - Trizetto - TRW, Inc. - U.S. West - Unisys - United Airlines - United States Army, Navy, Air Force - United States Postal Service - United States Senate, Washington, DC - University of Cincinnati - University of Colorado - University of Colorado Health Sciences Center - University of Tennessee Martin - UPS - Vari-L Company, Inc. - Viacom International Inc. - Western Michigan University - Whole Foods - Wild Oats - Windsor Industries - Winning Technologies - Woo Song University, South Korea - Wright Medical - Xerox Corporation

Friends, Business and Spirituality

Join us on Monday, August 13th from 6 – 9 PM in Denver to learn how to make the Law of Attraction work for you. Nothing is promoted or sold, and class is on a donation basis only.  Register here.

Friendship is held to be the severest test of character. It is easy, we think, to be loyal to a family and clan, whose blood is in your own veins. ~ Charles Alexander Eastman

For a while, she worked for me and we became friendly with one another. At that time (many years ago) we both smoked out on the porch of the office where we worked. I’ll call this woman “Cheryl.” (I am now a long-time non-smoker.)

We both left the company after we’d been working together for about a year and a half (I was just a change management consultant there). We both said we’d remain in touch. We had lunch a couple of times, then we both got busy at our new ventures. But after about a year, I heard from Cheryl again. She was in trouble and needed some help in finding a new position, which I gladly did with her.

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Our Statement of Equal Opportunity

Heckers Development Group, LTD, a Colorado Corporation, expresses its support for all people every year in June. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, national origin, religious or spiritual belief or practice, sexual orientation or size. We also do everything possible to encourage all people to further their careers and all ...

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R.I.P to conventional work arrangements & the rise of the serial job hopper

Guest Column by Nicole Raphael, MA Company loyalty is dead.   Exemplary employees used to be deeply committed “lifers” who were industry specialized and stayed put through thick and thin.   While there are still plenty of loyal employees who are married to organizations until death, or retirement, do them part, there is a new breed of professionals ...

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The Ten Interview Mistakes That Keep You From Getting That Job

If you have had interviews, but haven’t received a good offer yet, you are probably making one or more of these deadly interviewing errors. 1). Assuming you’re a good interviewee. You’re not. And why should you be? You don’t interview for a living. You do your job. But the people we see tank on our toughest interview ...

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How aspiring executives can benefit from working with a mentor By Nicole Raphael, MA We’ve all admired certain traits of our colleagues, contacts and supervisors.  Many of them have acted as silent role models for success behavior.  We emulate them in the hopes that our acting will one day turn into a genuine grasp of the leadership ...

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Avoiding Giving Your Elevator Speech

If you are looking for a job and doing a great deal of networking, I want to tell you how to avoid the dreaded elevator speech altogether and why. Here are a couple of “whys” on avoiding the elevator speech when job hunting. 1). They’re boring. Following Julie’s tips help some, but, I’ve got to tell you, ...

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Do Not Burn Your Network

Whether you are looking for a job, work for yourself, or have the illusion that you’ll be working at your current job until the world ends, you need your network. Too many people only start “networking” when they are unemployed or need business. A good networker networks consistently, regardless of employment status or business status. Networks ...

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Six résumé tips for people with unconventional career paths By Nicole Raphael, MA

The Great Recession and its indiscriminate job cuts have forced many people to take a long hard look at their career paths.  For many of us, that path has taken many detours which make it hard for us to craft a cohesive and convincing résumé. The good news is that we’re all in ...

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Twelve Vital Business Lessons from an E.R. From Hell

I had the misfortune last week to end up in the Emergency Room of Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colorado. Let’s just say that those who value their health will stay far, far away from Sky Ridge’s E.R. But the experience there brought up several lessons for business that all businesses should heed. ...

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Top Five Tips for Building a Better Online Brand

You won’t get hired or you will be fired if you don’t manage your cyber reputation By Nicole Raphael, MA Once upon a time it was believed that you could candidly share yourself, quirks and all, with your close friends and family on Facebook, Myspace, FourSquare, Flickr, YouTube etc. and still keep ...

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